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Drag and Drop not working – Windows 7/8

It already happened to me a couple of times, suddenly drag and drop just isn’t working anymore…? What the ****? Rebooting solves the issue, but there is an easier way: Open Windows Explorer, left click a file/folder and hold the left mouse button down. Then press the <ESC> -key and…. Tada! Drag and drop is working again! …

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Device driver balloon popup at every user logon

Already at 2 of my customers I had the issue that every time a user logs on, they see a balloon popup that the Broadcom Bluetooth driver is installed successfully. Okay, thanks for the information, but WHY every time at log on.In both scenario’s SCCM was used for OS deployment and in both scenario’s the …

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Cannot install Windows 8 on SSD

Last week I tried to install Windows 8 on my laptop with an OCZ SSD Hard disc. After the necessary backup, I used the Windows 7 USB DVD boot Download tool to create a Windows 8 USB Boot disc. Booting from USB was no problem and the installer kicked in quite quickly. Then the “dangererous” …

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Set Folder security through RES workspace manager using Icacls

Set Folder security through RES workspace manager using Icacls Folder security for applications can always be a challenge, when working in a business environment. Users often don’t have all the local access, so during a package process you have to know where and what kind of permissions an application requires. With this knowledge I faced …

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Rename computername during SCCM Tasksequence

Rename computername during SCCM Tasksequence At one of my customers I was responsible for deploying computers using SCCM 2007 R2. The customer asked me to add computers to SCCM using a continuous number, but during the deployment the computers must be renamed to identify if it’s a laptop or a desktop. e.g. for a laptop: …

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