Cannot connect Microsoft Lumia phone to Windows 10

As a Windows fanatic I have a Surface laptop and a Windows phone (Lumia 950XL). Both running Windows 10 (Insider build).
Both work fine, but when I have installed another Insider build on my laptop, I cannot connect my Windows Phone to my Windows laptop using the USB cable. In Explorer there is no device / drive available and Device Manager shows a warning on my Lumia…

How to fix it?

The driver for the Lumia has been installed automatically as the device driver is known by Windows 10.

Unfortunately this driver isn’t working properly. Therefore the driver needs to be changed.

Right-click the Lumia in Device Manager and choose “Update driver”

Browse locally for the driver, as Windows already has the correct driver installed.

Choose “Pick from a list of available drivers on my computer”.

As the phone is connected via USB, select the Universal Serial Bus devices and click Next.

Then 3 possible drivers are shown. By default the “MTP Device” is installed. But this is not the correct driver. Select the second driver: MTP USB Device

After the driver is installed, Windows starts te recognize the Windows Phone! The phone now is available in the explorer and now is called Windows phone in the Device Manager.

One time fix?

Disconnecting and connecting the Windows phone to the laptop will work until the Windows build on the laptop get’s updated. After each build update, this procedure needs to be repeated…

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